ECOCAMPING promotes nature conservation, environmental protection, safety and quality in the camping industry. Our core activities include introducing the ECOCAMPING environmental and quality management system in campsites, advising and training campsite entrepreneurs and personnel, and bestowing the ECOCAMPING award on successful campsites and their marketing. A total of 225 campsites in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Croatia and Slovenia are partner with ECOCAMPING.

Our Goal

We aim to improve  environmental protection, nature conservation, as well as the safety and quality of the camping sector. Ultimately our goal is to support the whole business towards more sustainability and success. For further information on how we plan on doing that please read the ECOCAMPING principles.

ECOCAMPING principles

Who can participate?

In principle, every camping site can participate. Each camp site gets picked up and proceeds from wherever they stand. Our consultants provide suggestions, for which the camping sites themselves decide whether, when and how the measures are implemented.


After the succsessful implementation of the ECOCAMPING Management the respective camping site is awarded with the ECOCAMPING Distinction. Camping sites who have obtained the ECOCAMPING distinction can take part in the ECOCAMPING Network. Being part of this vast Network gives them accsess to the incredible amount of experience and insight of all members and partners of the network.

What are the advantages?

Image Boost

Improvement of the overall image and acceptance of your camping site

Better Organisation

Improvement of the overall organisation, through environmental and quality management

Customer Satisfaction

An overall enhancement of customer satisfaction through the implementation the ECOCAMPING principles

Cost Reduction

Significant cost reductions by means of a more efficient energy and  water usage as well as waste management  

ECOCAMPING Qualifications

Qualification of camping site managers and staff through  carefully planned and executed ECOCAMPING workshops


Enhanced publicity through the extensive public relations of the ECOCAMPING Service GmbH and their partners 

Members of the ECOCAMPING Network

You are interested in finding out more about the camping sites of our network members? You maybe even want to try out one of those camping sites yourself during Your next vacation?

Then click on the button below and use our online tool ECOCAMPS to plan Your next trip to an ECOCAMPING camping site!

Network Members

ECOCAMPING Network Documents

Network Directory 2022

Use the button below to download the current directory of all participants in the ECOCAMPING Network.

Network Directory 2022

Network Participation Agreement

Participation in the ECOCAMPING Network is based on an agreement following the successful certification of the campsite. You can find the agreement here as a generally valid template.

Network Participation Agreement

Network Rules of Procedure

Furthermore, participation in the ECOCAMPING network also takes place on the basis of the Network’s rules of procedure. You can download them here.

Rules of Procedure

Membership Fee Regulations

Depending on the size of the campsites, annual Network fees are charged. In order to ensure the necessary transparency, you will find our current fee regulations here.

Fee Regulations

SEPA Direct Debit Mandate

Make life easier for yourself and for us and grant us a SEPA direct debit mandate for the annual network fees. Simply fill out the form and send it in.

SEPA Mandate

Previous Network Contract

Until 2020, participation in the ECOCAMPING Network was based on a network contract. As of summer 2020, this is regulated by an agreement with Service GmbH. You can find a sample of the old Network contract here.

Previous Network Contract

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