One step ahead

Satisfied guests, an intact enviroment as well as continued success is of particular importance to us! Together we therefore want to promote and improve environmental protection and nature conservation .

This way we want to take part in the protection of the livelihood of present and future generations. For us the compliance with statutory regulations is a matter of course.

Together we want to …

Inform guests, employees, partners and the general public about our commitment and involve them.

Use energy more efficiently.

Promote sustainable and ecologically sound energy production.

Keep the air clean.

Avoid soil and water pollution.

Use water sparingly.

Avoid waste and optimise material cycles.

Design the campsite in an ecologically sound manner and promote biodiversity.

Take the environment and nature into consideration when offering recreational activities.

Promote soft mobility.

Favour locally sourced products and services.

Clean in an environmentally friendly way and avoid hazardous substances.
Applies to all camping sites with the ECOCAMPING distinction.